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MPM701 Unit IdentifierYou have arrived at the BPMDeakini Virtual Community. This is a community of students, graduates and industry professionals, studying, working in or interested in the discipline of Business Process Managementi. Students studying the Businessi Process Management unit at the Deakin Graduate School of Businessi (DGSB) are invited to join the community whilst studying the unit. Previous students of the unit are welcome to join in as are interested industry professionals.

If you are currently a student of BPM at the DGSB you may log into the site directly using your Deakin University user name and password. When you have logged in, please ensure that you change your email address under your account details ('My Account' menu item) from your Deakin email address to your private email address so that you'll be contactable following your graduation from Deakin. Deakin University academic and administrative staff may log into BPMDeakin directly using their user names and passwords.

MPM701 Presented to ACS BPM Special Interest Group

ImageDuring the evening of 28th September 2011, Jeff Chamberlain, Unit Chair of MPM701i Business Process Managementi (BPM), presented to the Australian Computer Society's (ACS) recently established BPM Special Interest Group. Jeff was supported by Mike Bengough, a lecturer in BPM at the DGSB. The presentation was titled 'Teaching Businessi Process Management at the Deakin Graduate School of Businessi (DGSB) - A shift in focus from BIS (business information systems) to BPM.'

DGSB Launches BPM Virtual Community

BPMDeakin LogoThe MPM701i Business Process Managementi unit team of the Deakin Graduate School of Businessi is delighted to announce the launch of its new BPM Virtual Community - 'BPMDeakin.'

MPM701 team attends BPMLink Melbourne event

BPMLink Meeting 020611On the 2nd June, 2011, Nic Tesselaar and Mike Bengough from the MPM701i Unit Team, attended a presentation by Dr. Daniel Moody titled "The Art (and Science) of Diagramming: Communicating Effectively Using Diagrams". 


MPM701 BPM presented to BPMLink Melbourne

Jeff presenting at BPMLink Forum 05/05/11.On 05/05/2011, Jeff Chamberlain, Unit Chair of MPM701i BPM, hosted and presented to a mass meeting of BPMLink members at the prestigious Deakin University Melbourne City Centre.

MPM701 BPM now a core unit in the Deakin MBA

ImageThe question: "Why are you doing things like that when it costs so much for so little relative return?" The typical response: "Well,we've always done it this way and we don't want to change something that seems to work." The question is one posed by the brave few. The answer is the shield used most often by the timid, insecure majority.

MPM701 In partnership with the IBM Academic Initiative

Innov8 IBM BPM Simulator

The Deakin Graduate School of Businessi and the MPM701i Team are excited about a new partnership forged with the IBM Academic Initiative to deliver further innovation into the MPM701 BPM unit in the form of a 3D BPM simulation game. The game, called Innov8, puts student's BPM skills and knowledge to the test but in a realistic 3D service industry environment. All students of MPM701 receive a copy of the game in their CD Rom study packs and are encouraged to play it during their study revision time at week 12. The game takes about an hour to play.

Unit Chair attends BPM Asia Pacific Forum, Sydney

ImageOn 19th and 20th October, 2010, Jeff Chamberlain, MPM701i BPM Unit Chair, attended the Business Process Managementi Asia Pacific, two day, connected forum at the Grace Hotel, Sydney. This is one of the leading Businessi Process Management events of the year in Australia. At this forum around 14 BPM industry professionals presented a range of BPM centric topics.

MPM701 Team Members Join ABPMP


In October 2010, several MPM701i team members officially registered memberships with the Association of Business Process Managementi Professionals (ABPMP). This was another crucial step to ensure connectedness with the worldwide BPM community and to cross check and reaffirm the relevance of the content being delivered into the MPM701 BPM unit at the Deakin Graduate School of Businessi (DGSB).

DGSB launches new BPM Unit

MPM701 Launch

The Deakin Graduate School of Businessi launched its brand new post graduate unit in Business Process Managementi (MPM701) in Trimester 2, 2010. The unit was developed in response to a very serious and pressing industry need for professionals in the business process management field. The DBS experienced an extraordinary rush of enrolments of over 200 students, keen to develop knowledge, skills and insights that are pertinent to the rapid delivery of tangible business efficiencies and effectiveness. Process management applies across all functions, in all organisations, in all industries and particularly in rapidly changing environments.

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