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Modern migrant's loyalty is an asset to the world

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 It is staggering that with one albeit very serious case overseas, that of the Ben Zygier suicide, Ben Saul (The Age, 20/2/13) wants to turn back the clock of globalisation and multiculturalism. In so doing he demonstrates profound ignorance of the reality of the contemporary migrant experience and normative global legal practice around citizenship.

The essence of his argument is that for Jews in particular, although this may extend to other migrants, any shared loyalty with another country is contradictory, nothing less than a ''betrayal'' of Australia, with all the sinister implications this infers.


Once upon a time migrants left their old countries and severed ties with their homelands, but today with cheaper and more frequent travel and communication that facilitates and defines what we have come to know as globalisation, migrants maintain ties with the countries they came from.


The rest of this article can be viewed at the Age online 26 February 2013  







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