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Victorian Biodiversity in Crisis

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Over 70 % of natural vegetation in Victoria has been cleared since European settlement. Hence Victoria has been ‘on the back foot’ throughout the last hundred years in attempting to protect its natural areas.

The Victoria Naturally alliance (composed of most of Victoria’s well known conservation groups) wanted to see Victorian biodiversity start to get the attention it warrants from the Victorian government and hence commissioned two reports carried out under the auspices of Deakin University to describe the problem and attempt to propose solutions.

On Tuesday night the second of these reports will be launched with presentations from the leader of the first study on what are the threats to Victorian biodiversity (led by Professor Andrew Bennett of the School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Deakin University) and the leader of the second study on policy options for Victorian biodiversity (Associate Professor Geoff Wescott).

The emphasis will on protecting the ecological processes that lead to healthy ecosystems on land and sea.

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