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Have attitudes to Asia changed in 60 years? Not as much as you’d think

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For all the hyperbole around the importance of the Asian century, how well does the West – and Australia – really know Asia? We can argue that knowledge of Asia over the past 50 years has increased dramatically, but knowing the region – a more intimate, subtle process – is another matter.

Public opinion of Asia quickly declines in the West at the first sign of difficulty, as surveys by the BBC World Service, Pew Global Research and the Lowy Institute recently confirmed. These 2013 surveys show signs that sentiments towards Japan and China are slipping to similar levels recorded in 1953.

This article first appeared in The Conversation.  Read the full article here


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The Australia-ASEAN Partnership at 40

 Dr Sally Percival Wood

Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Rsearch Fellow

Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation

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