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No this is not just another environmental crisis book hastily rushed to print by a freelance journalist who has recently discovered ‘the environment’.
This is a book from a trained and experienced environmental scientist who has taught, researched and worked in environmental policy for more than a quarter of a century.

Dr Geoff Wescott is an Associate Professor of Environment at the Melbourne campus of Deakin University. He has published over 100 technical and laypersons’ articles on environmental matters and served on many community and government boards at all levels of government.

In this book he proposes a new approach to environmental decision making. He suggests we move forward from relying solely on individual virtuous action to improve our environment. He argues that the time has come to get ‘back to basics’ : for governments to be decisive and courageous and make positive environmental decisions in the interests of their current and future constituents rather than continue to be locked into short term decision making at the beck and call of corporations and large political donors.

The imperative is for governments to make breakthrough proposals for the environment and these proposals form the backbone of this book.

Dr. Wescott reminds political parties of all flavours to listen to the environmental messages of their citizens because ultimately citizens vote and corporations do not.


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