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Welcome to my Deakin Blog which I use to provide personal  reflections on topical issues related to my various research activities.  I hold a Chair in Migration and Intercultural Research at the school of international and political studies.   I am also the Director, Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation  and supervise many PhD candidates working in the broad areas of  Middle Eastern studies, migration research and inter-cultural studies.

My research projects focus  on issues pertaining to citizenship, intercultural relations and social inclusion and have  published more than a dozen books, ten major research monographs, more than sixty refereed research articles and book chapters, and many book reviews and media pieces. I like to disseminate my research  through different forums/media and have so far presented more than 150 invited conference and seminar papers and many other invited presentations at national and international symposia.
My recent publications include:

·         ‘Islam and Political Violence: Muslim Diaspora and Radicalism in the West’, (2007); ‘Political Islam and Human Security’ (2008);

·         ‘Identity, Education, and Belonging: Arab and Muslim Youth in Contemporary Australia’ (2008);

·         ‘Youth Identity and Migration: Culture, Values and Social Connectedness’ (2009);

·         ‘Australia and the Middle East: A Frontline Relationship’ (2011, second edition); and

·         ‘Migration, Citizenship and Intercultural Relations: Looking Through the Lens of Social Inclusion’ (2011).

·          ‘Muslims in the West and the Challenges of Belonging’ (2012); and

·         ‘The Arab Revolutions in Context: Socio-Political Implications for the Middle East and Beyond’ (2012).

It is especially pleasing when our research and publications make a  contribution to public debates and policy making processes. This was the case, for excample, with my 2004 book ‘Lives in Limbo: Voices of Refugees under Temporary Protection’ which was  received very positively and was short-listed for the 2004 Human Rights Medals and Awards.

My research projects are by definition comparative and international  and as such I get to travel a fair bit which in itself is an important source of learning. I will try to use this blog space to convey personal insights from these trips and related research projects especially as they pertain to ongoing public debates and complex social phenomena.



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