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Professor Damien Kingsbury holds a Personal Chair in the School of International and Political Studies. He teaches Approaches to Political Development, and Conflict, Resolution and Development, takes the International Development Dissertation (minor thesis), and also supervises PhD students.

Dr Kingsbury has written and edited or co-edited a number of books, including: 'East Timor: The Price of Liberty', Palgrave, New York, 2008, 'Political Development', Routledge, London, 2007, 'Violence in Between: Conflict and Security in Archipelagic Southeast Asia' (MAI/ISEAS 2005), 'Key Issues in Development' (Palgrave, London 2004), 'Power Politics and the Indonesian Military' (RoutledgeCurzon, London 2003) 'Autonomy and Disintegration in Indonesia', (RoutledgeCurzon, London 2002) 'The Politics of Indonesia', 3rd edition (2005, Oxford, 1st edition 1998, 2nd edition 2002), 'South-East Asia: A political Profile' (2001, Oxford, 2nd edition 2005), 'Indonesia: The Uncertain Transition' (2001, Crawford House), 'Guns and Ballot Boxes: East Timor's Vote for Independence' (2000, MAI), 'Reformasi: Crisis and Change in Indonesia' (1999, MAI) and 'Culture and Politics: Australian Journalism on Indonesia 1973-1993' (1996 CSAAR).

Dr Kingsbury is also a frequent commentator for and contributor on regional political affairs to domestic and international media(e.g. Radio Netherlands, Radio Singapore Inetrnational, The Times Higher Education Supplement, Time magazine, AP, Reuters, The Age, SBS Television, ABC Radio, Voice of America, BBC World Service), as well as writing articles and reviews for journals and other publications, notably The Age, the Australian Book Review,, ABC Unleashed and others. Dr Kingsbury is also a regular contributor on Tuesday mornings on ABC774 Jon Faine program, discussing international affairs.


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