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Associate Professor Debra Bateman is a passionate educator. She is interested in any aspects of education, but particularly the ways in which schools explicitly prepare students for unknown futures. Debra has published a number of articles and contributed to conference proceedings challenging educators to articulate the ways in which current school practices articulate to possible, preferable and probable futures. This is quite different to the rhetoric which often is reflected within educational spin and society's expectations.

Debra is interested in school curriculum and curriculum policies, especially as they change according to social, cultural and political agendas which arise from time to time. She has undertaken research which identifies the different ways in which these agendas influences what occurs within teacher practices and students learning within schools. In particular, Debra has recently produced a report on the Digital Educational Revolution's 1:1 elearning pilots, and is actively involved in processes of Learning Space redesign.

In her professional life, Debra draws upon her own experiences as a Primary School educator to prepare pre-service teachers for the diverse environments and students they will be working in and within . She is located within the School of Education at Deakin University.


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