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I am a senior lecturer in consumer behaviour and marketing in the MBA program at Deakin University, have a PhD in consumer behaviour, am a Certified Practising Marketer (whatever that means), and a member of the Marketing and Management Research Group.


I tend to conduct research around the philosophy of marketing; particularly the way that marketing interacts with the rest of the world (outside of business). My current research seeks to explore consumerism, material culture, and the broader effect of marketing on the exploitation of humans, animals, and the environment.


I’m also interested in the psychology of emotional and rational behaviour, and how our biology and the environment interact to influence the way that we behave. I am currently working on research projects funded by the Victorian Department of Justice, and the Australian Securities and Investment Commision (ASIC) examining the role of marketing in rational decision-making.


My work has been published in a range of media, including the Journal of Product and Brand Management, Consumption, Markets and Culture, Marketing Science, and the Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing. I regularly appear in the media discussing consumer issues, and write opinion pieces for a range of newspapers and online sites.


In my past, I was an opera singer, a petrol pump attendant, a CEO of an international dance company, a McDonalds “Crew Member”, a stand-up comedian, a waiter, an artistic administrator, a public servant, a composer, a customs officer, and an actor. There are three degrees of separation between me and George W. Bush, two between me and Jack Donaghy, and one between me and Geoffrey Rush.


In my spare time, I sleep.


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