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This site is designed to provide support to you as a member of the Master of Teaching course, as opposed to the support provided to individual subjects or units in Deakin Studies Online (DSO). The students of this professional masters bring a huge variety of professional, academic and life experiences to the course. It is our view as course designers that the students are the most important educational resource. A key aim of this site is to facilitate mutual support, networking, and exchange of ideas.


Master of Teaching structure

The Master of Teaching is designed to enable you to gain teaching qualifications in one of three strands: early childhood, primary or secondary. The course builds on the School of Education’s recognised strengths in providing professional qualifications for entry into teaching at the pre-school through adult education.

A feature of the course is choice and flexibility in timing and place of study, with different strands available in on-campus and off campus modes at different campuses in order to meet the needs of metropolitan, rural and regional students.

In this course you complete the Deakin Authentic Teacher Assessment (DATA) to show you are ‘work ready’. DATA is an integrated, authentic, and subject specific assessment of beginning teacher knowledge and skill. It includes teacher plans, teacher artefacts, student work samples, video clips of teaching, and personal reflections and commentaries, that demonstrate planning, teaching, assessment, and reflection. It is designed as a capstone assessment focussing on all dimensions of beginning teacher professional practice in the workplace setting.

In your final trimester you will have available a range of pathways that allow you to extend your basic qualification in a new direction, reflecting your professional and career goals. Pathways include:

  • adding an additional strand to your degree where you have appropriate qualifications
  •  extending the depth of your professional preparation with an internship
  • applied learning, that allows you to teach in the Vocational Education sector and in the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL).
  • the research pathway allows you to complete a piece of independent research and potentially qualifies you to apply for admission to a PhD in education.
  • school leadership.
Master of Teaching 2013 pathway briefing information session (Burwood On-Campus students only) [please see the 3 attachments below]

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